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Alargo - Kingsley Spargo And Alan Brown

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Audio Foundation, Auckland Sat, Dec 5 Buy

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Space… the final frontier. Keyboard virtuoso Alan Brown and musical polymath Kingsley Spargo - as electroacoustic duo Alargo, use space to dynamic effect in their spontaneous compositions. “We are not constrained by tempo, melody or form; which enables us to more deeply explore texture and our creative spontaneity,’ says Spargo.
Armed with iPads, loopers, synths and a battery of acoustic instruments, Alargo produce beautifully haunting music with the presence of space a noticeable element. “We build soundscapes… and set them adrift.”

“This shapeshifting album rarely rests with the obvious… but suggests soundtracks to imagined places and films of the psyche” 
Graham Reid from Elsewhere, on their first release Central Plateau.

“This beautifully atmospheric EP takes you gently, but firmly, into the hallucinogenic rabbit hole…” 
Tim Webb from Dischord, on their second release Primacy.


Get Tickets
Audio Foundation, Auckland Sat, Dec 5 Buy