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Adam Mcgrath & Lindon Puffin

Tour Information
Old campaigners, longtime friends and forever comrades Adam McGrath (The Eastern) and Lindon Puffin return to the stage together in Chch this February in fundraising guise, hoping to raise a few dollars to set up a small scholarship with which to offer some free classes at the Canterbury Workers Educational Association. The show will be held in the wonderful yet intimate hall inside the CWEA center and will feature not just songs written by the two folk journeymen but also a bold selection of people’s songs, from Woody Guthrie to Hazel Dickens to The Clash and Billy Bragg and to Peter Tosh and more.

McGrath and Puffin shows have always proved fun, engaging, heart lifting and spirit raising events over the years and with their shoulders firmly to the CWEA’s wheel, this February’s performance should prove no different.
The CWEA has been offering educational courses for w
orkers and more at small and minimal cost for over 105 years in Canterbury. It believes in education for all, with age income and social status being no barrier to learning. Adam and Lindon are thrilled by the idea that they can offer a little singing in service to such a wonderful institution.