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Labretta Suede And The Motel 6 - Final NZ Show!

Tour Information
** postponed to Sunday March 14th**

Come and do the cry -cry dance and farewell your favourite Rock n Roller's
'Labretta Suede & The Motel 6 'before they relocate back to the USA (their spiritual home) again.

These gyrating ghouls have had an unstoppable, international, 16 year long career and have always risked everything for their art and for their fans. We have been incredibly lucky to have had them based back in NZ for the past few years and they have done their best to spread their rock n roll disease all over this long white cloud.

This self funded army of misfits deserve only the finest of send offs - so give them your money, get yourselves a ticket and help them on their endeavour!

Labretta Suede & Johnny Moondog have been at the forefront of NZ underground rock n roll and sub genre music through their untouchable live performances, high voltage radio shows & the hip swingin' DJ sets. This Mom & Pop of weirdo rock n roll have added so much to Auckland's night life and music culture across country. They have always led the charge of bringing their community together, so let's face it, they are gonna be leaving a giant hole.

So, do yourselves a favour and don't miss this event because they will be playing their hearts out for you with their 2 side projects along with the Motel 6.

Come show your support for these undeniably loveably misfits and see them off in style!

Doors 8pm

8:30pm Priscilla & The Presley's
9:15pm The Cthulus
10:15pm Labretta Suede & The Motel 6