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Adam Hattaway And The Haunters - Woolston, Texas Tour

Tour Information
Adam Hattaway and The Haunters - Woolston, Texas Tour,
Presented by Bad Gin Sanctuary & Birds Nest.

Adam Hattaway is for lovers. A born frontman, he performs alongside three Haunters; Elmore Jones,
Liam Quinn, and Holdyn Skinner. Their hypnotic live performances are punctuated by high kicks and borderline-biblical healing sessions. After moving festival goers at Electric Avenue, Nostalgia, and Nest Fest, they are now embarking on their third national album release tour.

Following a fuzz-ladened debut album ‘All Dat Love’, A.H.'s second album ‘Crying Lessons’, (produced by the acclaimed Delaney Davidson) stripped back the noise to focus on their rock'n'roll roots. With their third album, 'WOOLSTON, TEXAS', the band have found their sound.
With Hattaway's songwriting following a more organic process, it channels all of the raw emotion that defines their live shows.

Due for release March 26th, 'Woolston, Texas' is a heartfelt lament to highs gone by. A reminder for
those times when spectres creep out of the darkness and try to grab you - there's more than one way out.

Doors from 7.30
Music from 8pm
Support from MeanOwls

Exactly, where is Woolston, Texas?