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Adam Hattaway And The Haunters - Daniel Armstrong And The Monsoons

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Presented by Bad Gin Sanctuary & Birds Nest.

Following a fuzz-ladened debut album ‘All Dat Love’, A.H.'s second album ‘Crying Lessons’, (produced by the acclaimed Delaney Davidson) stripped back the noise to focus on their rock'n'roll roots. With their third album, 'WOOLSTON, TEXAS', the band have found their sound.
With Hattaway's songwriting following a more organic process, it channels all of the raw emotion that defines their live shows. Due for release March 26th, 'Woolston, Texas' is a heartfelt lament to highs gone by. A reminder for those times when spectres creep out of the darkness and try to grab you - there's more than one way out.

London born, New Zealand based, indie/alternative song writer Armstrong, claims, since the last record, a lot has happened ‘new love, old love, a baby, betrayal, broken bones, forgiveness and revenge’
The new album is a commentary on living in an anti-culture bubble, that is separate but obsessed with a world that doesn’t exist and an unknown future where technology has killed a big part of human existence.
The album takes inspiration from Dylan, Talking Heads, Claude Debussy, Velvet
Underground, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Mina, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Quinn to mention a few. The live shows thus far have been unpredictable. You may can expect a calm string arrangement around Armstrong's vocal or an angry, energetic burst live show to a backdrop of 1930 film.

Doors at 8 pm
Music from 9 pm