The Music Of Andrew Brough

The Music Of Andrew Brough

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To celebrate the life and music of the late Andrew Brough, who died last year, we present a night of Andrew’s songs from The Orange, Straitjacket Fits and Bike.

Appearing at Auckland’s Wine Cellar, May 7th, on what would have been Andrew’s 58th birthday, family, friends and past bandmates will get together to celebrate the music of one of NZ’s most-loved songwriters.

The music will be performed by Tristan Mason (Bike) Justin McLean (Roulettes, Bike), Don Brough, Darren Stedman (Verlaines), Tenzin Mullin (Jay Clarkson and the Containers), John McDermott; Jan Hellriegel and Charlotte Yates will appear on vocals on selected tracks.

Last year a memorial for Andrew was planned, but as with so many events this was postponed due to Covid lockdown. As time passed, the plan grew, and so did the setlist. Justin McLean, step-brother to Andrew, has followed his career closely. Justin played in the first version of Bike in Dunedin in the early 90s. “Many of the songs that ended up on Take in the Sun and the EPs were played in this version of Bike, in various stages of completion,” says Justin. “I spent many hours learning and rehearsing them with Andrew, and became familiar with his playing style. Over the last year I’ve spent a lot of time listening to and learning Andrew’s songs. This process has been fascinating and challenging. His singing and songwriting ability is widely recognised, but he was also a very innovative guitarist, both sonically and musically. Andrew’s songs sound fantastic, live and loud. ”

Roulettes will support, with a short set. Justin: “Andrew was a big supporter of my music in the early years, from showing me how to organise a gig to how to keep working on improving a song, and he produced some of our early recordings. I owe him a lot, musically, and this is another opportunity to say thanks in the best way I know how. Darren (drums, Verlaines) and I were in our first band together, and we both experienced Andrew’s guidance. And we’re very happy to have Tenzin on bass.”

Last year’s Roulettes EP ‘Rocket to You’ was dedicated to Andrew.

During lockdown 2020, Justin and Tristan appeared on Mark Tierney’s version of Save My Life, featuring Charlotte Yates on vocals. This collaboration went under the name Fractal Animals. Additionally, Mark Tierney remixed the title track from Roulettes’ Rocket to You EP.