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You Don't Own Me

Tour Information
Immerse yourself in an evening showcasing the provocative, emotional and raw performance of Ardon England and Shani Dickens as they take you on a journey of light and darkness in their performance of You Don’t Own Me. The show is England’s testament to empowering others by sharing his lived experience of shame, ownership and sexual liberation. This immersive performance creates a space that redefines degradation by embracing the power of the slurs that have repressed us all at one stage in our lives or another.

A diverse range of music inspires the percussive, playful and commanding choreography. The male and female body connect as one to embody a cohesive, multi-layered style of entertainment in this work. You Don’t Own Me is about being empowered in your movements, your mind and your spirit.

The collaborative show features live singing from Keshia, Spoken Word by Poet Daniel Goodwin and is hosted by Keelan MC.