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Loud And Proud Festival – Night One

Loud And Proud Festival – Night One

Tour Information
Join us for a two-night showcase of Auckland’s experimental and underground LGBTQIA musicians. Auckland’s experimental music scene is rich with diverse performers that have long been disconnected from the mainstream queer community due to the experimental nature of their art. We hope to showcase the best queer performers in the experimental music and noise category so that they may no longer be sidelined.

Queer music is as fluid and diverse as the community it comes from. Queer and trans people have been at the forefront of so many burgeoning musical movements across history, from disco, to rock & roll, to experimental harsh noise. However, many of our most forward-thinking queer musicians find themselves unfortunately sidelined from two directions - on the one hand for their identity, and on the other hand for the uncompromising nature of their art. Please join us for an evening celebrating the diversity and creativity of Auckland’s queer music scene at our city’s premier location for sonic exploration - Audio Foundation.

We are showcasing a hand-picked selection of Auckland’s best experimental, underground, and “out-there” LGBTQIA musicians, across the spectrums of gender, sexuality, and genre, including:

bb gurl
Elegant World
Jazmine Mary

Samara Alofa
Unisex Fuck Club
Vow Cave

Expect ear-melting guitar feedback, arcane magic rituals, euphoric hyperpop bangers, Dadaist ballads, surreal soundscapes, and more. Anything goes in this experimental free for all, and we can’t wait to blow you away.

Friday 16 April @ Audio Foundation, 8PM
Saturday 17 April @ Audio Foundation, 6PM
$15 unwaged // $20 waged on the door or $25 for both nights via presale