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Swerve City + Curly's Jewels / North Island Tour / The Mount

Tour Information
SWERVE CITY and CURLYS JEWELS are joining forces for a co-headline tour of the North Island this winter, along with the help of some of NZ's finest independent rock acts.

Having played two capacity hometown shows in the last 6 months, SWERVE CITY are taking their captivating and energetic live show on the road.

The new single “Moving Pictures explores the inner world filtered through the affect of anxiety and depression, where negative thought patterns feel like endless mazes that are impossible to escape from. Introspective lyrics emerge from a wall-of-sound blast, as SWERVE CITY continue to unveil and develop their contribution to the NZ rock scene.

CURLYS JEWELS is a rock band from Wellington NZ. Their sound is grungy yet powerfully emotive, pinned together with soaring vocals, dark guitar undertones and a punching rhythm section. The charismatic, colourful and instantly likeable front person, Jel Pollock, draws listeners in with her delightfully unique stage presence and sensational vocal range. Aaron Ludlow (guitar), Andy van der Heyden (bass) and Corey Bell (drums), provide the energetic foundations complimenting Jel, with all members lighting up the stage. They have a large and fiercely loyal fan base which supports them across NZ and beyond.

The band has released a number of records over the years with 3 singles and 2 EPs charting on the Official NZ Top 40. Their singles have also been on NZ mainstream and independent rock stations. The last 3 Curlys Jewels singles were recorded at Roundhead Studios with the legendary producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers) and mixed by Clint Murphy (Devilskin)

Special Guests BONES INC and APOLLO STEAM TRAIN represent two of New Zealand's finest rock outfits residing in The Mount.

BONES INC. Are a riff heavy three piece, made for the stage, while Brendan Mccarthy's APOLLO STEAMTRAIN promises an intimate acoustic performance, chock full of well crafted-songs and lyrics, soulfully performed.