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THIS IS A PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: To the person that parked their car in the driveway please move it. And also this: Saturday May 22nd at the Common Room an especially rare chance to see several dingusses in one space. It's my regret to inform you that more than 3 artists from the horrendous STINK MAGNETIC label have landed in Hastings looking for the famed Peter Pan themed restaurant which may or may not actually exist. Thenceforth, they shall be gathering to instigate this impossible task at said Common Room to battle it out once and for all. Filthy. Idiotic. And Cheap. See the loathsome LOAM RANGER – the artist formally known as Boss Christ's debut monkier belting incomprehensible blahs behind the axe and drum combo, the one and only sensual disco stripper Frankie Venus gets naked for his romantic TENDER MOONLIGHT thing and layabout local lurkers DOUBLE YA D AND THE COSMIC HAGS decide it would be worth annoying you. Again. But to top it all off, the worst of all has got to be what was thought to be the actual DEATH of more than a bad smell. Someone told me this next band was supposed to be good. They lied. Ladies and gentlemen, get duped into seeing THE RETURN OF THE TAPE WOLVES... Bummer. Later.

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