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Consolidated Fuzz

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The Fuzz is a shifting examination of things, an incomplete equation, not content with resolving itself. For the purposes of this 'press release' lets call them a 'rock band from Christchurch' with members William Field, John Kristoffels, Hamish Kilgour and Chris Heazlewood. Incorporating synthesizer, theremin, dictaphone they cover a lot of ground genre wise..the music has a loungy surf feel but verges into krautrock now and then...people like to dance to the sinewy sounds the Fuzz serve up
If the Consolidation of Fuzz is a shifting examination, the Blue Cheese is a sprawling megolith of sound. This young
Dunedin band has eight members, with glockenspiel, synth, organ, violin, saxophone, drums, guitar, bass and most notably always an onstage percussionist/dancer. Always interesting, they are a great band to dance to