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Gitbox Rebellion

Tour Information
Ockham Collective Presents: Gitbox Rebellion...

Honoring the beautiful character of acoustic guitar, Gitbox Rebellion’s exuberant blend of jazz, rock, folk and classical will have you in sonic raptures.

An acclaimed multi-member performance unit of uncanny ability and chemistry, Gitbox Rebellion make their guitars sound atmospheric, chaotic and orchestral – and better than you could ever imagine.

Described as “Igor Stravinsky meets Pete Townshend,” the group’s music – both original tunes and covers – is a joyous collision of worlds, managing to be infectiously moody, upbeat, grungy and intricately textured all at once.

Extraordinary live, they’ll have you hooked from the first finger pick to the last.

With Nigel Gavin, Kim Halliday, Russell Hughes, Rob Mita, Sonia Wilson, Doug Robertson, Sam Loveridge and Bodi Hermans.

This will be a special, intimate Sunday evening at Freida Margolis.

Ockham Collective is a charitable trust promoting and fostering the arts and creativity in the local community - Freida Margolis is being supported by Ockham Collective to present a series of New Zealand musical artists throughout 2021.