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MDTH, Horror In Clay, Vow Cave

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“Nothing rests; Everything moves; Everything vibrates.”
“The all is mind; the universe is mental.”

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Melting soundscapes and shuddering loops, melodious folk hymns & hysterical chants.Chaotic cacophonies, falling towers and tales of ancient despair. Sinister sounds for the golden age

VOW CAVE Various Live Recordings (LSCS 20)

VOW CAVE - Audio Foundation 11/07/19

Horror in clay is the music you remember floating across the football pitch, the marae, up through the office window and down to the park where dogs chase frisbees and children eat ice cream. Horror in Clay captures and capitalises on the authentic New Zealand experience. They are independent and creative, humorous and humble, tangata whenua and pākehā. There are no obstacles in their music for their audience to overcome. They’re hyper-inclusive. I saw children as young as five or six propped up against grandma in the mosh, while every gender, sexuality and race pressed up against each other, unified by the universal allure of boy-bands and commercially successful music. That’s what’s essential: Horror in Clay music has the unequivocal inability to deny anyone. And let's not forget, as the band announced tonight, and 50 people snake their way towards the exit, the boys will be back to do this all again on February 22nd, 2020.

“Transgressive pop music, or avant-garde folk?”
“Who else could create such unflinching, disquieted sonic territories one moment and yet manage to foster enough benevolence to create an amenable – if not still quite chilling – effort the next? ”

Horror In Clay Horror in Clay

Horror in Clay - Horror in Clay | RDU Live to Air