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HATT Vol. 1 E.P Release Show

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Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland Fri, Aug 20 Buy

Tour Information
HATT births the E.P, 'Vol. 1: Emulate + Dissipate', the first offering from the interregional three-piece, live on August 20th, 2021 at Ding Dong Lounge's iconic upstairs venue, Dead Witch. Delivering an undeniably groovy takedown of heavy tunes, HATT is forcing it's way onto the national scene with guerrilla-style secrecy.

HATT launches into your eardrums with thrash-influenced sludge, sprinkling in a tinge of doom and the occasional melody into a cacophony of melodrama. Catch them on their maiden voyage, with support from local favorites, Forty Bucks Till Tuesday, and UNSUNG, a Helmet cover band who will be performing the classic album Meantime from top-to-bottom to kick off the night.

Tickets are $10.
8:30pm - Entry
8:45pm - UNSUNG cover the classic Helmet album, Meantime
9:30pm - Forty Bucks Till Tuesday melt your faces
10:15pm - HATT deliver utter devastation, playing the forthcoming debut E.P

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Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland Fri, Aug 20 Buy