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Oh Sweet Nothings // Extra Butter // Oscar Doorne

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You’ve been hit up by your mate for a gig at Pōneke’s finest establishment for live indie music. What do you do? Will you take the easy road and slap on your jim jams, go straight back to bed, order Uber Eats, and leech off of your parents’ Netflix? Or will you be that legendary punter that joins the gig-going bandwagon, grabs themselves a pint, and bops accordingly to the sound of delectable local indie goodness?!

It is time to be that legend. At 8.30pm on Friday 30th July, join Oh Sweet Nothings, Extra Butter, and Oscar Jane Doorne at Moon, for what is set to be not only a very nice time, but also a very, very nice time oh my ~


Oh Sweet Nothings

OSN are a band with feelings too - equal parts in-your-face, awkwardly-charming, familiar, subversive, melancholic, uplifting, and a bit silly. Fresh from their debut album release, they charging ahead with their signature post-post-punk sound.

Extra Butter

Betty Botter bought some butter, but the butter, it was bitter.
Extra Butter are Welly-based goons bringing you some toons xx

Oscar Jane Doorne

Oscar (they/she) is a musician from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, singing sad songs of quiet strength. Oscar's songs cover topics such as gender dysphoria and mental illness, and they are back on the performing scene after a couple of years away.


$10 on the door, or on UTR.

Also there may or may not be a secret special set...
But you didn’t hear that from me