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Ambient Maladies: Album Release Party

Ambient Maladies: Album Release Party

Tour Information
Pull up, sit down, chill out. Come and help us celebrate the release of Ambient Maladies with something a little different. We're bringing together artists featured on the album for a live jam in the CBD matched to trippy visuals and a custom-built sound system.

*Please note this event will be postponed should COVID restrictions still be in place.

Amy Jean
Box of Hammers
Jerry Watts
Lady Lazer Light
Stephen Gallagher

About the album:

Welcome to Ambient Maladies, a selection of atmospheres, vignettes and expressions from Aotearoa New Zealand. Embracing the geographical isolation of the land of the long white cloud, Strange Behaviour's second release is at times dark and brooding while at others delicate, detailed and melancholy.

Listen to Ambient Maladies here: