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First Level Songwriting Retreat

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FIRST LEVEL Songwriting Retreat provides a comprehensive framework to kickstart your songwriting: physically by collaborating, quick fire exercises and one on one mentoring, socially by sharing your work, hearing what others are writing both informally and in session, and mentally by detailed sessions covering both songwriting technique and mindsets that help. It's a great place to start. First Level Songwriting Retreat is presented by Charlotte Yates.
Accommodation for a maximum of nine participants, plus all meals ( now rescheduled 14-17Jan 2022 inc) are included in your fee. Catering is prepared on site from fresh seasonal homegrown ingredients. There is good coffee! Please let us know any special dietary requirements when you book @

Helpful and meaningful info and progressions for the mechanics of writing a song. Picturesque venue - ideal for the event.' 
Nycki Proctor

'Direct presentation. Comfortable, safe, energising, motivating. Felt like the 'right' amount of people. Meals and dietary considerations excellent - great variety and content.'
Tracey Haskell

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Hill Country Homestead, Tahora, Whangamomona Fri, Jan 14 Buy