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Comf Texture Tapes Live Feat Japes, Hybrid Rose, Knifedge Visuals

Comf Texture Tapes Live Feat Japes, Hybrid Rose, Knifedge Visuals

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Meanwhile Gallery, Wellington Sat, Nov 6 Buy

Tour Information
Hosted by Meanwhile Gallery, Comf will be performing their first live presentation of The Texture Tapes, three 6 track EPs which each explore sonic representation of a different texture: Water, Clay, and Ceramic.

The day after the release of the first Ceramic single, you're invited to a special kind of live show accompanied by Japes, Hybrid Rose, visuals by Knifedge, and sound by Apeture Audio. Incorporating the textures element into a physical project, each artist is invited to perform behind a different projector screen built by Comf especially for this show. These three screens are designed with specific intent to allow you to experience both a visual and sonic relationship between the projects and each emulates one of the three textures.

This is an incredibly limited event as we are able to perform under level 2, but with a current capacity of around 40 tickets, so get in while you can! If the levels change we may be able to open up more tickets, but this will be an intimate, cosy and special event nonetheless.

Have a read about who's involved and listen/watch below!

Tickets $15 through Under The Radar (link in event)

Comf (He/they)
Comf is an immersive sonic artist, integrating pulsating and eclectic rhythms with bright synths, buttery vocals, and plenty of noise. With live visuals in tow, Comf commands the stage weaving together a set of songs from the latest series of releases, The Texture Tapes: three EPs creating sonic representations of water, clay, and ceramic textures. Including features from Ilena (Tāmaki Makaurau), Belphegor, and Kiidotcom (both Pōneke), these three EPs challenge the possibility of synthesis between samples, textures, and heavy layered drums, and are purposeful and directed in their intent.
Check out the first tape, water, here:

Hybrid Rose (She/her)
Wellington based futuristic pop-star Hybrid Rose has been making waves in the underground music scene with her loveable nostalgic style. Exploring shimmery Synth-pop from the 80s with notes of 90s techno-pop, creating a distinctive frequency that cultivates a sugar-high of bubblegum debauchery. Hybrid takes influence from Charli XCX, Aqua, Spice Girls and Sophie for cantankerous textures, fast-paced grooves but filled to the brim with emotion, making you feel like you’re at the boss level of a video game.
Check out her latest release, Shapeshifter, here:

Japes (She/her)
Japes is the alias of songwriter, producer and DJ Mia Kelly. She came onto the scene earlier this year with the release of her debut EP ‘JUNK’, and has released work on compilation albums for Strange Behaviour and Works for loudspeakers. Coming from a background in sonic art and angsty guitar music, she creates dreamy electronic music, using the sounds of the world around her to create eclectic beats to present the twists and turns of her stories.
Listen to JUNK here:

Knifedge Visuals (She/they)
Knifedge is a Wellington based VJ and audiovisual artist.
They taught themselves how to VJ while studying at Massey and have worked with bands and DJs from around the country. Knifedge specialises in glitchy, trippy and colourful visuals, often manipulating old footage to create a style that is uniquely their own. They also use projection mapping to create striking stage looks for their sets.
Find some of knifedge's visuals on their Instagram here:

Aperture Audio
Aperture Audio has been producing, recording, live mixing and just about everything in between for the better part of the last three years and has worked with a diversity of musicians, and performance spaces, from gigs around the city centre to debaucherous and tiny lounge shows, Aperture knows how to work the room to curate a stunning sounding show.
Find them and their work on instagram here:

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Meanwhile Gallery, Wellington Sat, Nov 6 Buy