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Sunshine Journey ~ A Backyard Gig

Sunshine Journey ~ A Backyard Gig

Tour Information
Join us for an evening of aural pleasure, basking in the summer sun in our backyard. Let masterful musicians guide you on a sunshine journey from fairytale fluting, to soulful acoustic, to new wave sci-fi. This experience is a mostly-seated relaxed fundraiser gig, for 2/10, a kiwiburn theme camp.

~$12 online ($10+BF) or $10 cash on the door~

We have an exciting lineup, running from 6pm to ~10/11:
-Maeve Hughes’s guitar, vocals and fluting
-Abbey Busch’s wonderful guitar and voice
-Greta O’Leary’s amazing voice and guitar
-Occides’ techno journey

Prints & TShirts by Stu Morris
Address updated closer to the date.

Our backyard is wheelchair accessible, though the driveway is a lil steep.

Covid restrictions limit us to under 70 people, masks on, and sign in. Stay home if you are sick!

Poster art by Briely Fuller Knight