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Revitalize Organic Farm Healing Music Festival

Revitalize Organic Farm Healing Music Festival

Tour Information
Organic Farm Healing Music Festival, Celebrating 32 years of organics!
It’s a celebration of all things organic and natural - in a magical Western Southland setting, under the Takitimu mountains at Mangapiri Downs Organic stud Farm,
a pioneering organic stud sheep, cattle and forestry farm, near Blackmount, between Tuatapere to the south and Manapouri to the north.

Join us for the 3rd organic healing music festival featuring Live music from Don McGlashan, Julian Temple Band, Ceol, Brad MacClure, King Leo, makin, Cafe Operana, Beekeepin', Pete, Paul McNicol and David Pickett, Jane Maxwell, Carla & Kerstin Ladstaetter, and many other musicians, (likely playing in reverse order) and includes comedians Daniel Sewell and Jamie Patterson and Jordan Turner.
A variety of Yogas, Reflexologists, Healers to rejuvenate your body and mind, Kundalini Reiki energies, Massage, zero gravity ® energy healing, crystal clear healing, family yoga, yin yoga, hatha yoga and yoga Nidra, Booking new people daily.

Eclectic bunch of Healing, Organics, EV displays, farm talks, workshops, healing yoga and reiki energies, family fun, dance and music.

Free Camping On-Site nearby with good views over where we have Festival and Mountain views, Park where you camp.

There is a huge sharing shed and covered yards, makes event an all weather place.

Plenty of hot and cold water and Toilets available

Accomodation nearby (ask for there Revitalize Festival rate)
10% off for 3 days

Earlybird tickets are limited and price is just $111

Website for further information
Or email

2/01/22 Sunday night Don McGlashan
6 pm Open Mic Night for anyone and emerging musicians, some stars of tomorrows concert will join in too, after this Don McGlashan takes the stage!!!

Set up camp and discover the farm and festival from 4pm

Relax, listen, learn and take time out to just be in the serenity of the majestic venue, where the mountain air is just that little bit fresher.

Food Trucks, Free Camping and accomodation nearby

3/01/22 Monday Electric Vehicles: Cars/UTV’s/Bikes displays, rides and talk with happy local owners and enthusiastic dealers.

Tim Gow will do Grounding with anyone who wants to join in in morning will talk on organic farming/regenerative Sabbatical fallowing Herbal Pastures & Shire® Sheep and Tufty® cattle walk!
There will be workshops including a comedy workshop and Brad's guitar tuning workshop 'DADGAD for dummies'and EV Workshop by Alex from the Electric Motor Vehicle Company with EV displays including the new Electric Tuatara FuV and demos
Energy Healing: Celestine/Kundalini/Shiva Reiki Energies
Refloxology and Massage, Yoga: Children & Family Yoga and Accupunture.
and more Healers and workshops will continue through day.

Enjoy play areas, walks and see animals. Family friendly fun.

Shire® Hair & Wiltshire Sheep/Tufty® Cattle Displays.

Main Concert begins at 1 PM featuring Live music from the Julian Temple Band, Ceol, Brad MacClure, King Leo, makin, Cafe Operana, Beekeepin' Pete, Paul McNicol and David Pickett, Jane Maxwell, Kerstin Ladstaetter and Carla, and many other musicians and comedians Daniel Sewell & Jamie Patterson & Jordan Turner.
Dance and musical Workshops and talks

Concert ends Late

Food Trucks, Free Camping and accomodation nearby

4/01/22 Tuesday A Relaxed Healing and Family day with music and displays
Enjoy play areas, walks and see animals.
Childrens Yoga
Music like Beekeeping' Pete and others playing
Some Guest surprises likely
Childrens comedy and EV displays
Farm walks and talks
Learn about Organic and Regenerative sabbatical fallowing fallowing techniques that Mr Gow has used over the last 33 years.
Tramp up Butterfly Hill with magnificent view over farm and out to the Takitimu and Fiordland mountains!
Camping On-Site on the paddocks near where we have a huge sharing shed and covered yards that doesn’t get much use

cause we have bred Shire® Hair sheep breed that doesn't need shearing so having events gives the shed a job and makes event an all weather place.

Plenty of Hot and cold water and Toilets available

We welcome guests to provide their own food. Limited BBQs & cookers available
There will also be a small variety of organic & natural food trucks on site. Cups and hot & cold water available and some teas etc available.

Bring chairs, water bottles, jackets, hats and gumboots or old walking shoes with you to the festival. Take your cash, Pay clip on site, sunscreen, (sun umbrellas/Shade tent for at back of people) picnic rugs, and yoga mats too if you have one.
There will be no bar, but guests are welcome to bring a picnic dinner.
Drunken behaviour is strongly discouraged and will result in you being removed from the festival.
Lots of recycling and rubbish containers around please use them.

Good internet cell coverage in Sharing shed

We request that festival goers follow the latest COVID-19 guidelines. Which may include wearing Masks indoors, Please bring your vaccine certificates and identification and scan in and sign in upon arrival at festival.

The event will be postponed or cancelled if a local COVID-19 lockdown occurs between December 30th and Jan 5th.

The event is organised with best intentions however some artists or healers, workshops may not be possible to come, we will endevour to fill any gaps.

Be flexible and enjoy the festival. We are continually looking and booking people for the Festival.

If you'd like to get involved with supplying food, healing or playing music or presenting a workshop or want tickets, please get in touch now.

Connecting together in a fun festival atmosphere of music, organics, healing, sustainability to feel a revitalized vision to inspire a better world
Grounding in with the earth & connecting in with our biodiversity, farm animals , nature & the universe


email tim

phone 03 2255283

phone 027 22552983

Free camping for all
kids under age of 12 free tickets for revitalize