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With firm roots in improvised music, Alan Brown and Kingsley Spargo have confidently cut their own distinctive paths, but their collaboration as Alargo offers even greater fluidity and freedom of expression. As Spargo says, We take listeners on a journey that's new for them because it's new for us.

The music on their latest album Obscura is conceptualised to favour space, texture, and atmosphere over usual composition forms such as melody and tempo. Alargo records live with no overdubs, which allows for a deeper exploration of their creative spontaneity, and free rein for instinct and inspiration.

Obscura builds on the groundwork established on previous releases, Central Plateau (2016) and Primacy (2017), and is the most crystallised expression of their creative explorations to date. 

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Kumeu Live (at Kumeu Arts), Kumeu
(Alargo $20.00+BF)
Sat, Jul 9 Buy