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DARTZ (the band from Wellington, New Zealand)

DARTZ (the band from Wellington, New Zealand)

Tour Information
Aotearoa's best band DARTZ are returning to Tāmaki Makaurau on Saturday 14 May to play some PUNK ROCK in a headline slot at Whammy!

The band from Wellington, New Zealand are coming in steaming hot off the back of their recent release Dominion Road (Dumpling House), a frenzied PUNK ROCK retelling of the Mutton Birds' Kiwi classic which shot to #1 on the BFM and SRN charts and, among other accolades, received the official Donald Bain McGlashan firm handshake of approval.

DARTZ fans can expect a blistering headline set from the most well-oiled entertainment machine that this country has to offer, including:
- Fan favourite bangerzzz 40 Riddiford Street, Toyota Corolla, + many more
- Live debuts of as-yet-unheard songs from DARTZ's legendary unrecorded and unreleased debut album
- Onstage banter so pithy and waggish that you will suspect it was scripted by the Bard himself
- A sharp finish so that the boys can hoon it down Dominion Rd for a feast at the Balmoral shops (you can still order beer at Gogos Music Cafe if you get there before 12:30am)


DARTZ is Crispy on guitar, Clark on bass, Danz on the shouts, and Rollyz on drums. Give em a geeze on the old IG @smokedartz