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The Renderers

The Renderers

Tour Information
In a rare New Zealand visit, Joshua Tree-based band The Renderers bring their brooding country-influenced distortion-tinged psychedelic space rock to five select venues in May.

Hailed in the United States and Aotearoa alike, The Renderers inhabit the dark side of the New Zealand indie scene. Their songs range from sparse and shadowy laments to more upbeat (yet still tense and menacing) pop songs. Husband-and-wife duo Maryrose and Brian Crook (of many NZ bands including Flies Inside the Sun, The Terminals and Scorched Earth Policy) have been the core of The Renderers since their inception, in 1989.

Last here for a string of sold out shows in 2011, for this tour the Renderers will be joined by Lyttelton-based musicians Joe McCallum on drums (Nadia Reid, Delaney Davidson) and Anita Clark on violin and vocals (Motte, Devilish Holy Rollers). Their two-set show will consist of tunes from their back catalogue, followed by songs from Rocket Into Nothing, In the Sodium Light and This World Just Eats Me Alive.