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Unsanitary Napkin -  All Billionaires Are Bastards Release

Unsanitary Napkin - All Billionaires Are Bastards Release

Tour Information
Kia ora koutou!

We are super thrilled to announce our first show in Tāmaki in like... 3 years! It's a bit belated, but we figured it was about time we played some release shows for the A.B.A.B. album ???

We are keen as anything to make sure the show is as COVID-safe as possible, so we will keep you updated with any info or expectations <3

The best part is of course that we get to play with a bunch of bands and musicians we LOVE! We are stoked to be playing with Tāmaki thrashers Skull Patrol, No Brainers, and an unmissable head-pounding DJ set from Oil Grace ⚡⚡⚡⚡


ZERO TOLERANCE FOR MISOGYNY, HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA, RACISM! You will be kicked out for being a fuckhead, and you be totally shamed out and everyone will think you're an absolute dipshit clown-shoe ?

You're also banned if you're a billionaire, obviously... or if you're Paul Reid xox