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Saturday Night Metal Special Live

Saturday Night Metal Special Live

Tour Information
7:30pm - 8:00pm doors, the time is not AM!


It's gonna be loud!

It's gonna be a bloody good one!

Yeah m8!

Get your sneakers (or docs) on and get up the front for a boogie. This is not one night that you are gonna wanna miss.

We bring you the one and only Patrick (Mr ERSATZ SEX), who will be bringing his renound set of ethereal guitar tones mixed with doom and punk, with improvised drums and yeah, the whole thing is improvised right before your eyes! This one of his last days in HB before he continues the next chapter of his journey, so come along and see him play and show him the love!

There will also be the AWAREWOLVES, who are a 3 piece Napier based originals Metal band, prepare for a great show!
El Shadow on Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, Party Wolf on Drums (and Growls) and Ol' Mr Skull on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Last of all there will also be REALTHENTIC , who bring their melodic style with hard hitting drums and slick bass bars.

We all dearly look forward to seeing all of you. We are stoked to be able to play gigs again. This is sure as hell definitely not an evening you wanna miss! See you there, love you.