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Mammalien and The Protection

Mammalien and The Protection

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A rare chance to experience the excellence of two bands who have played some of their best shows together. It is guaranteed that something surprising will happen, and something funny will happen (they may even be the same thing).

Mammalien is one of two things, depending on who you ask; if you ask Mammalien, he is a regular human being playing very ordinary and broadly-appealing music for other humans to enjoy and support financially. But if you ask Joshua Worthington-Church (Princess Chelsea, Being.), then Mammalien is his failed attempt at doing an earnest singer-songwriter project without leaning on gimmicks or goofy song premises, and is now simply a vain attempt to imitate his favourite DIY songwriters like Chad VanGaalen or... mostly him, for now.

The Protection is the brainchild of Ben Sinclair (The Beths) and Callum Passells (Hans Pucket), and delivers both of their razor-sharp wits and humours in a delightful indie-rock package with no frills and no strings attached. They're like the White Stripes if they only did the pop stuff and had a bass player, or if Talking Heads were more garage and wrote songs about wearing condoms. Heavy guitar and a full spectrum of emotions are guaranteed.

Doors 7:30pm
Bands start 8pm SHARP! (No mucking around. It's a Wednesday for goodness sake)

$15 waged, $10 unwaged (booking fees will be deducted from ticket prices to keep this consistent).