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UHP Album Release

UHP Album Release

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They have been absent for far too long so it's excellent to have them back – now officially as UHP – with the powerful double album Hau (the breath of life, spiritual energy) which opens with a strident slice of socio-political Sly Stone funk-rap on Preeach before some old school reggae reaches out on Counterattack with a “positive vibration” and a slippery Studio One sound pushing the mana motuhake message.

Across these 26 tracks – the second disc has seven terrific dub versions and final half dozen instrumental versions of the 13 songs – there is a serious meltdown of scratching, free jazz wailing sax, ragga, soundscapes (Culture of Violence), spoken word (Deficit of Love), samples (powerful snatches of Farrakhan on the anti-rape/violence against women on Patua Te Pawhera) and catchy reggae pop . . . with messages as on the reggae-toasting pop of Soon Come: “wickedness a-go fall, justice and freedom for all”.

With the original Posse member MC Wiya alongside multi-instrumentalist Te Kupu (whose youngest daughter Ahurei also appears), Hau is a showcase of sound and styles with Robertson and Henderson back, and guests including drummer Riki Gooch, keyboardist Leo Coghini, string players and many others.

It has been a decade since the last UHP album and although they never troubled the charts, this digital-only release (with limited vinyl) is a strong return to form which demands to be heard.

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Te Kupu - guitar / vocals
MC Wiya - bass / vocals
Ahurei - keyboard
Ruben Das Gonzales - drums (Wgtn)
Jeff Henderson - saxophones (tentative)

With support from DJ GOODA, AZI, DJ KERD 1