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HUGHTANNER x DEATHRUNE - Bear Bones EP Release Party

HUGHTANNER x DEATHRUNE - Bear Bones EP Release Party

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Hawkes Bay underground duo HUGHTANNER X deathrune return with the sudden release of their first joint EP, BEAR BONES.
After a run of singles from December 21 to April 22 (including the TOMMY II produced HEAVEN ON EARTH), HUGHTANNER returns with the incumbent deathrune on BEAR BONES. This EP is a unique sonic offering within the current NZ hip-hop space. Unmistakably underground, the duo are dead set on shifting the current sound scape away from the accepted norm.

HUGHTANNER- quickly establishing himself as an enigmatic figure and sound proposition, HUGHTANNER has been steadily working on his craft, and providing his own brand of hip hop with the recent run of singles starting at A&E and temporarily concluding with LEMOZINE. Enlisting production and engineering from fellow local anomaly deathrune, and underground legend TOMMY II... Expect a few more curveballs from HUGHTANNER in the near future.

deathrune- an anomaly in the New Zealand production and engineering space, deathrune is a name to keep an ear out for. With a masterful grasp of gritty, hard hitting sound scapes combined with pop sensibility and indie savvy... deathrune has been on a tear all of 2022 with multpile collaborations with Eastside Detroit native Prince Jefe, CML Lavish D, and the street banger What's it Hitting 4 with Oaklands Philthy Rich (a collaborative effort with TOMMY II).
Don't expect any of this to slow down any time soon... deathrune is a BEAST!!!

TOMMY II - A true legend of New Zealand underground production, TOMMY II continues to punch at heavyweight power with his unique keys driven sound.
Accumulating over 10 million streams through his many collaborations with artists such as $tupid Young, Bravotheabagchaser, Rio Da Yung OG, Lonnie Bands, Louie Ray, Cashclick Boog and more, Florida born TOMMY II and his impressive body of work speaks for itself. Always working, expect more mind blowing production and credits from one of the best to do it in the country!

Chronic Shnxman - recently returning to Hawkes Bay, Shnxman has been an integral part of the Wellington underground scene, as a driving force and foundation member of the collective that helped carry the Wellington underground in recent times, and make the whole country take notice!
As a producer and artist in his own right, Shnxman is one of the most prolific contributors in both realms to the New Zealand trap-metal movement. His first appearance since moving back to Hawkes Bay... Expect Shnxman to shake things up for the locals, and bring unparalleled energy and aggression to this show. Not one to miss!

ohnokaire- a relative newcomer to the Hawkes Bay music scene, ohnokaire has been running the numbers up with a recent release schedule relatively unmatched in the local scene. Collaborating with his own collective GBM, and Hamilton's Murda of Cal, expect big things from the upcoming aesthetic rap hitter!

Lavan - Hawkes Bay born, Wellington resident Lavan is quietly crafting a catalog of eclectic hip hop. Enlisting production from legends such as DJ Spell, as well as many other locals... Lavan has stepped into the production realm himself, building on an ambitious goal to be entirely in house.
With his combination of melodic and punchy rap centric genre crossovers, expect to hear more from the returning Hawkes Bay native!

MC, Host, DJ, event promoter... Is there anything we missed? BMC has been holding it down musically for Hawkes Bay and all over the country for as long as we can remember!!!
Fresh off yet another appearance at Mardi Gras, BMC is coming through to send the night off the right way, bringing 100% energy to this line up, and turning things up to another level! Not to be missed!