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D. C. Maxwell + KMTP

Tour Information
D. C. Maxwell x KMTP

Live and in person at the Wine Cellar!

8pm - Saturday 13th of August

Two of Tamaki Makaurau’s most incendiary pop troubadours are descending upon the Wine Cellar for an EPIC one night stand!

Equipped with songs to make a baby smile and a grown man SCREAM in terror, this night is going to be talked around the watercooler for decades. You will not want to miss it.

D. C. Maxwell is an off-kilter country-pop singer from Tamaki Makaurau. Previously the frontman of punk band Roidz, punters should expect weirdo kiwiana country songs about love, loss and BDSM.

D. C. Maxwell will be accompanied by a legendary 12-piece band of musical superstars.

K M T P aka Keria Paterson is a Tamaki Mākaurau singer songwriter whose emotionally powerful bedroom pop bangers will leave you dancing your heart out with tears in your eyes. Before starting their own solo projects as K M T P, Paterson played with Auckland indie faves Polyester, and Dirty Pixels.

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