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Comf Texture Tapes Tour

Tour Information
Comf (He/They)
Comf embarks on their first national tour bringing their trio of EPs, The Texture Tapes, to three spots: Tāmaki Makaurau, Te Papa-i-Oea, and Pōneke. Playing with a slew of experimental artists across the North Island over July and August, they are excited to bring these tapes to life; a chance to seek catharsis from process with textural synths, cut drums, and disparate vocals in timbre and material.

Comf is an artist utilising experimental electronic as an outlet for bloodletting that weaves an elaborate story of their life and their experiences. After releasing their three EP project, the Texture Tapes, at the end of last year, they have turned their attention to remixes, breaking tracks in half like a glow stick to see what shines.

Synthetic Children (They/Them)
Synthetic Children is a hardware electronic project from Te Papa-i-Oea (Palmerston North). This is a project that stems from the darker, more melancholic edges of UK dubstep, post-jungle, and techno, warping basslines reminiscent of nights at Taonui Tinyclub, and builds a queer and dynamic sonic universe inspired by SOPHIE.

Happy accident hardware atmospherics built with sequencers, files left over from hard drive errors and unnamed band demos

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The Stomach, Palmerston North Sat, Aug 13 Buy