Grecco Romank - Wet Exit Album Release Tour

Grecco Romank - Wet Exit Album Release Tour

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Grecco Romank - Wet Exit Release Tour - Live at Last Place featuring Michael Logie and Glass Shards

Formed in 2020 upon the foundations of Auckland’s underground, Grecco Romank is filmmaker Damian Golfinopoulos [STRESS CADET], classically trained singer Billie Fee, and bus driver/drummer Mikey Sperring [DRAB DOO RIFFS & BIB KIDS]. They’ve toured the nation playing to audiences hungry for alternative electronic music, gaining a reputation for incendiary live shows:

“Sometimes you witness a band perform live and you become instantly obsessed… the team fuse together electronic elements including EBM, Industrial and Eurodance into Cronenbergian new shapes designed to set dance floors alight — with the operatic Fee and the growling Sperring being one of the most spine-tingling local vocal pairings since Fiona McDonald and Chris Matthews of the Headless Chickens.” - Under The Radar, 2021

Their 2021 debut album ‘Red Tower’ was a statement of decayed opulence, a fusion of dark wave, new beat and infectious sewer pop. This was followed by 2022’s remix album ‘Shred Tower’ that excavates ‘Red Tower’s eerie brutalism through mutually assured construction. It features tracks from twelve electronic trailblazers from Aotearoa New Zealand, London and Berlin, including Keepsakes, Amamelia, Eden Burns, and more.

And now ‘Wet Exit’ has emerged from the depths as a manifesto of duality; of bleak techno futurism and rapturous post-scarcity. The second studio album is a step forward, repurposing electronic music conventions into grotesque new forms. The result is a journey through a hostile territory of dense dark bangers to soaring new-romantic pop melodies and operatic dirges. The album also features a number of household names from Aotearoa’s underground music community including Kraus, Ex-Partner, Hermione Johnson, Ron Gallipoli, Jeff Henderson, and Moider Mother.

‘Wet Exit’ will be available on vinyl and digital platforms in March 2023 accompanied by a nationwide album release tour.