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George Clanton

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WavyLand presents George Clanton Australia + New Zealand tour 2023.

WavyLand proudly presents George Clanton on his first foray to Australia and New Zealand this winter. The Los Angeles artist epitomises music as pure feeling, each moment intending only to strike a spiritual chord, virtuosity be damned. Developing his unique blend of vaporwave, dream pop and trip hop, Clanton’s post-ironic nostalgia is serviced through unfiltered evocative lyricism that paints vivid emotional pictures.

With close to two decades of work under his belt, Clanton is synthesised primarily through the web. A key figure of the early vaporwave scene under the pseudonym ESPRIT 空想, virtuality is a cornerstone of George Clanton. Running Twitch livestreams all through lockdown and engaging in depth with fans online, Clanton’s musical teaching through MTV, growing up in a relatively quiet town just south of West Virginia, inspires a creative approach that for a while existed almost exclusively on the web. A move in 2015 to Brooklyn opened the doors: now running his own label 100% Electronica, spearheading a vaporwave music festival 100% ElectroniCON, and seeing his most commercial success to date with 2020’s collaborative self-titled album with 311 frontman, Nick Hexum.

Now, Clanton’s eyes are on his next album, an endeavour that began soon after the release of 2018’s Slide and will see him double down elegantly on all his past musical selves. ‘I Been Young’ is the first taste, a dream-pop utopia drenched in reverb and a sense of remembrance only Clanton can inspire.

Keeping his live muscles toned throughout lockdown with his Virtual Utopia livestreams, Clanton’s fresh from a massive North American tour with indie pop superstar Caroline Polachek and ready to bring the show to our roads. Here to please fans, find some new ones, and keep them all for whatever’s next, don’t miss the invitation to get your emotions rocked with George Clanton this winter.