The Cavemen 'CA$H 4 SCRAP' Tour w/ Bloodbags & Cthulus

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Lookout earthlings!! Ya favourite beer-swilling cro-magnon crew THE CAVEMEN are back in the saddle with a brand new vinyl record! With 13 tracks of pure imbecilic, high energy rock ‘n’ roll ‘CA$H 4 SCRAP’ puts to bed any rumours that these knuckledraggers have gone through any sort of musical or emotional evolution in the 4 years since their last release. No way! Theyre dumber and more juvenile than ever! So to celebrate they’re gassing up the war-wagon, huffing the fumes and rolling into The Whammy Bar… So pinch ya grandma’s purse and get ready to fork it over cause these are gonna be the most brain-melting rock 'n' roll shows of the summer!!

With support from fellow rock 'n' roll wastoids Bloodbags & Cthulus...

The carnage begins at 9pm

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Whammy Bar, Auckland
(General Admission $25.00+BF)
Fri, Dec 8 Buy
The Yot Club, Raglan Sat, Dec 9 Buy
The Yot Club, Raglan
(General Admission $20.00+BF)
Sat, Dec 9 Buy