Schkeuditzer Kreuz - 'No Life Left' NZ Tour 2024

Schkeuditzer Kreuz - 'No Life Left' NZ Tour 2024

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Industrial Synth Crust / D-Beat Raw Synth Punk from Australia


Fresh from an extensive tour of Europe (Sept-Oct 2023), expat NZ punk veteran Kieren Hills (Dark Horse, S*M*U*T, Murder Disco X, Death Church, Septic Noise Grinder, et al) finally brings the Industrial Synth Crust of SCHKEUDITZER KREUZ back to NZ, where he first discovered noisy and experimental industrial music as a kid.

Now based in NSW, Australia, Kieren is touring everywhere and anywhere in support of the second full-length SCHKEUDITZER KREUZ album, ‘NO LIFE LEFT’: an absolutely crushing slab of dark, abrasive, apocalyptic, post-Industrial music, with unique roots in the crust punk, hardcore and d-beat music scenes of Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

“Should you ever get the chance to see Schkeuditzer Kreuz live, take it. The experience will blow your mind.” – Onyx Music Reviews (Australia)

“…listening to the chaotic sounds of industrial synth crust // d-beat raw synth punk multi-machinist SCHKEUDITZER KREUZ perfectly captures the disgust and fear I felt watching the (US) descend into yet another Libs vs Cons debate… On “Second Life,” he samples soundbites from the dizzying and disorienting media bullshit that follows a mass shooting, chanting “Another one dead / and another one fucking dies”!” – CVLT Nation (USA)

“Anyone who has delved into the back catalogue of Schkeuditzer Kreuz will already be aware of the project’s penchant for grinding electronics, disquieting samples and savage, distorted beats, over which mastermind Kieren Hills howls lyrics of anger and despair… (‘No Life Left’) is an ever-topical soundtrack to the apocalypse, equally suited to noiseniks, industrial music afficionados and anarcho-punks – or anyone who can have a good time with bad time music. A sonic tapestry of fury, if you will. And you can dance to it.” – 4ZZZ (Australia)

“Kieren Hills’ music is raw and at times brain rattling but speaks of profound humanity and dealing with one’s own mental health… If you are looking for some nice, melodic electronic music, this ain’t going to be your thing. It is full on head trauma rhythms, with screaming electronics extruded through pedals and near manic vocals from Hills. Industrial d-beat noise on a grand scale.” – Auxiliary Magazine (USA)

“There’s nothing nice about Schkeuditzer Kreuz and that is the intention… If you close your eyes and stick your headphones on, you’re going to be afraid. If you read the lyric sheet, you’re probably going to feel disturbed too… a heavy brooding self-abusing slab of darkness that seeps menacingly over an arid soundscape, enveloping all in its path… you are sucked into a blackened metallic world of pain, fear, genocidal awkwardness and vexation… There’s no signs of spring, no green shoots appearing through the cold ground. Schkeuditzer Kreuz is a bleak, deathly and desolate project.” – Louder Than War (UK)

“…a perfect example of how to make dark, menacing industrial music with gothic and d-beat hardcore elements. The music has real edge to it that makes it feel almost dangerous… It feels like the music you're hearing is preceding something terrible, something that is coming your way that cannot be stopped or avoided… Whether you like fast paced high energy rhythmic tracks, dark ominous offerings or poundingly heavy/harsh tracks, it’s all here.” – Cave Dweller Music (USA)

“Album of the year, believe it! Schkeuditzer Kreuz is the king… What an album, one for the ages, one for the savages, the dancey, the punks and the goths and anyone else that wants to join the party. But an intense, action-packed and tremendous album, and one that is one of this year’s best.” – Devil’s Horns Zine (Australia)