Tooms, Worst Vibes (Aus), Family Band

Tooms, Worst Vibes (Aus), Family Band

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How persuasive can a write up be?
Maybe you want to go out on a Wednesday night because you've realised that your work takes the majority of your day and you can't let it take away your nights too.

Maybe you want to see some friends or support live music.

Maybe you're travelling and you want to experience something a bit more off the beaten path.

No matter who you are or why you come, we'd love to see you at the show. A fun night full of friendly people.

Family Band are playing first. I don't want to over hype them but think of the best band you've ever seen, then times it by ten.

Worst Vibes playing second. Big, dumb fun alternative dance hip hop. Not sure what to call it.

Tooms playing bringing in the wine punk last. There are many people who would be willing to testify under oath that seeing Tooms on a Wednesday night changed their lives for the better.

All nice people with $15 spare are welcome!