Loonatic Series: A Very Jed Parsons Christmas

Loonatic Series: A Very Jed Parsons Christmas

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The last of three unique shows performed by Jed Parsons this December - the festive extravaganza, A Very 'Jed Parsons' Christmas!

Doors: 7pm
Show: 7:30pm

Jed Parsons has nothing to prove. If he did however, he’d make a spectacle of it at Loons in Lyttelton, where he would perform 3 entirely unique shows over the span of one summery month.

Purely coincidentally, that is exactly what is happening this December. The ‘Jed Parsons: Loonatic!’ series will feature the debut performance of Jeff Parsnips as well as a new look Jed Parsons, and the already-notorious Christmas extravaganza, ‘A Very Jed Parsons Christmas’.

Jeff Parsnips kicks off the series on the afternoon of December 3rd with the world premiere of his very silly show for very silly sausages. Parsnips’ burst onto the children’s music scene in October with his debut single ’Tomato Tamati’ - the first of many upcoming releases over summer. The single was meet with abundant critical acclaim, mostly from children who don’t know what they’re talking about which Jeff “will take”.

That evening, Jed Parsons will take over. Since the extensive release tour of his second critical acclaimed album ‘Brunch’, Jed Parsons has been relatively quiet with his own music on the public front, though certainly not idle. Most recently, Parsons was honoured with the task of performing at the Silver Scroll Awards for Don McGlashan’s Hall Of Fame induction. Other distractions have included collaborative performances with the likes of Troy Kingi and playing drums for artists including Mel Parsons, Goodwill and The Knews. His musical adventures from the past year have lead him to this point - a fresh perspective, a new look and a whole set of songs to perform; many new as well as the old favourites.

On December 23rd, Parsons will return once more to the port, and kick off the silly season with his very festive show, A Very ‘Jed Parsons’ Christmas. Having debuted the show at Loons last year, the return will see the birth of a brand new Christmas tradition. Featuring original hits such as Down My Chimney and The Christmas Elf Who Pissed Himself, reworks of old time Christmas classics and guest appearances from the likes of the NZ Bass Guitar Quartet, this music / comedy / variety / s**t show is not to be missed!