Altmusic Presents: Heather Leigh

Altmusic Presents: Heather Leigh

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Altmusic is proud to present Heather Leigh (SCOT) as part of Altmusics programme of independent & adventurous international musicians touring New Zealand in 2012.

Well known for her transgressive pedal steel performances both solo and alongside collaborators such as Chris Corsano (as half of Jailbreak), Richard Youngs and noise/dream merchants the Charalambides, Glasgow-based guitarist Heather Leighs expressively rich amplified string and vocal tangles electrify audiences wherever she travels. Equally capable of thousand-yard-stare, Jandek-esque outsider drone/folk and mindmelting improvised noise/rock, Leigh encompasses all realms - a crucial figure on the post-noise/whatever scene and an amazingly energetic, must-see live performer.

...shes turned pedal steel strings into tight ropes, spinning often claustrophobic and visceral works of beauty. In much of her largely improvised works, strangely solid structures form out of 15-minute free-form explorations into often uncomfortable textures and spaces. Yeah, she can shred alright. But indeed, its that gritty sense of beauty that underscores most of her work, coarse and seemingly uncontrolled. Tiny Mix Tapes

Weather shredding strings like standing six-string players or building instant, miniature drones on the horizontal instrument, Murray’s range on the pedal steel creates a singular, and often non-guitar, sound. Dusted magazine

Currently based in Scotland, Heather Leigh has released a number of solo recordings including the acclaimed Empire (Kendra Steiner Editions, 2012) and Devil If You Can Hear Me (Not Not Fun, 2007). A frequent collaborator, Leigh has recorded works with the aforementioned artists Chris Corsano and the Charalambides; as well as groups Sources and Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast.

Tour dates are as follows:

Auckland – October 10th at Audio Foundation HQ w/ Rosy Parlane & Greg Malcolm/Chris OConnor duo, 7.30pm, $10

Wellington – October 13th at Medusa w/ Omit, 9pm, $10

Dunedin - October 18th at Chicks w/ Antony Milton and Eye (Leigh will be performing w/ Robbie Yeats), 8.30pm, $10

Christchurch – October 19th at Physics Room w/ Roy Montgomery and John Mallard (Leigh will be performing w/ Robbie Yeats), 8pm, $10

Altmusic is a programme administered by the Audio Foundation.

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