Lost In Space

Tour Information
Stag's Yarrow, Psygon, Exit Sign, and Stone Clones come together for a night of folk, punk, psychedelic, and hard rock music!

Prepare for a sonic journey that will take you through space and time and won't leave you the same. You don't want to miss this!

Stag's Yarrow is a master of the dark arts when it comes to folk music. Earthy, dark, and gothic are just some words you can use to describe his music which is best experienced live. He weaves meaningful, ghostly lyrics and melodies with somber and dark guitar lines to give you that dark and gothic folk music he is known for! He's very passionate about his craft which comes across strongly when you watch him perform live!

Psygon are soon-to-be Hamilton legends in the surf rock and punk scene. They may be young, but shouldn't be underestimated. Killer rhythms, catchy guitar hooks, and huge, energetic, and aggressive vocals. They aren't a one-trick pony though as they also mix in more chill, indie/reggae songs and beats to keep you on your toes!

Exit Sign kills it every time live with their heavy psychedelic and punk rock sound, mixing various spacey elements like heavy guitar effects and synths with catchy punk rock guitar hooks and aggressive vocals. They manage to create a uniquely authentic sound that takes you across the universe and back in the space of a single show!

Stone Clones are hard to describe. On one hand, they weave catchy and gritty guitar hooks with clean, contrasting, ghostly vocals. On the other hand, their use of breakdowns and dynamics combined with unorthodox and unusual song structures keeps listeners on their toes. With carefully crafted and gritty lyrics talking about society and people they have met throughout their lives, they are certainly a band to be experienced live!

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