Festival Of Secret Sounds 8  -  Animal Duo, Sonson, Kaori Komura...

Festival Of Secret Sounds 8 - Animal Duo, Sonson, Kaori Komura...

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2024 marks 20 years of the Audio Foundation and to kick off a bumper year of extraordinary sound celebrations we are excited to announce...
The Inauragural Aotearoa International Festival of Secret Sounds!
7 nights and days of amazing unusual music and sound art featuring artists from Japan, France, Australia, Northland, Ōtautahi & Tāmaki Makaurau.
Free improvisation, noise, minimal drone, jazz skronk, invented instruments, outdoor installations, electronic microscoppery and unbelievable ululations combine and clash in a spirit of unbridled & fearless sonic skillduggery.

Festival and nightly passes available.


RAHANA LARSEN TAYLOR/PARKS/ALLANA GOLDSMITH - combining Taonga Puoro, voice and modular synthesis, this trio draws into the deep wells of conscious, subconscious and superconscious mindflows to create stunningly unique music of Aotearoa.

SONSON (HERMIONE JOHNSON/JEFF HENDERSON) & KAORI KOMURA - the duo of Hermione Johnson (prepared piano) and Jeff Henderson (saxophones) perform a rare set, with the added excitement of visiting percussionist Kaori Komura.

The plastic edge and the internal body. How can the voice make visible what escapes sight? Guylaine, an international vocal explorer joins Diemo Schwarz of the famous center of musical research in Paris IRCAM in a creation dealing with the confusion of timbres.
Through improvisation, they deal with the duality and complementarity between vocal performance and digital tools. A poetic work that questions the relationship between humans and machines.

Guylaine Cosseron's instrument is the breath, the lips, the tongue, the palate, the saliva, the glottis, the throat, the chest, the nose... total singing - a variety of dizzying timbres, opening up an inexhaustible field of exploration.

Diemo Schwartz is a researcher in real-time musical interactions at IRCAM and a developer in digital arts. He plays with electronic materials rich in timbres and textures, exploring different bodies of sounds using gesture controllers, thus allowing expressiveness and the body to dialogue with the digital instrument. His use of concatenative synthesis recomposes the space of sounds and questions their intrinsic qualities. By freeing them from their usual contexts, they reveal unsuspected riches.

Full programme details at www.audiofoundation.org.nz