Intergalatic Party II

Intergalatic Party II

Tour Information
Having rocked earth for their very first time GHL are back.
Your favorite Outer Space Hardcore band are back at 605 Drinkery with an out of this world line up
Two Skinner
Heavy Step

After crash landing on Earth GHL set about doing what they do best. Writing face melting hardcore.
Their Intergalatic riffs resonate from The Nebula Arena, through to Starship Hanger, and now Morningside, Auckland

Two Skinner:
Tauranga's very own sonic swamp monsters, Two Skinner. Double guitars churn out heavy blues riffs, while drums pummell your guts and vocals unleash a gravel-throated roar in your face. Swamp punk bringing you a full-moon mosh pit baptism in pure fury.

Heavy Step
Tamaki’s freshest hardcore punk crew Heavy Step comes bringing a mix of hot breakbeats, thrash riffs and two steps to get you stomping through the dance floor.

Join us for a night of floor shaking hardcore and punk, flowing seamlessly into a retrowave dance party