Motte / Daniel Beban - Valentine's Day Special

Motte / Daniel Beban - Valentine's Day Special

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Motte (aka. Anita Clark) builds glacial atmospheres, frozen moods and isolated impressions. As a master violinist, Anita Clark is a favourite of the NZ music scene. She plays with The Phoenix Foundation, Luke Buda, Don McGlashan and the Others, the Renderers, Nadia Reid, Lawrence Arabia and Delaney Davidson. Her skilful reach across genres fuels her popularity both with the rock under and overground, and she has also built a rich CV of film soundtracks and contemporary dance compositions.

Motte’s new album, ‘Cold + Liquid’, is a fulsome experience of articulated sound and specific place. She dances around the shining candescence of her culture like a night insect, always seeking a better vantage point to the light.

It's designed as an immersive experience and does sometimes feel like the aural equivalent to caving as Motte's strings swoop and trill around you...Often this kind of music aims for warmth and comfort, it's nice to hear something so purposefully chilly - Tony Stamp

Here there are beautiful songs, drifting soundscapes, and monstrous head-twisting bouts of discordance that nonetheless remains somehow mellifluous (no matter how murky the water). You will be the judge, but to me this music sits in a zone of conditional beauty, equidistant from the work of Coil, Kate Bush and Danielle Dax. That location is a latitude at which tall drinks and tiny paper parasols become obligatory. So, spin this disc, pour yourself a Shirley Temple, and hit the floating sun loungers with me. This water’s warm. - Bruce Russell

Daniel Beban (of Orchestra of Spheres, Devil’s Gate Outfit, Farewell Spit) opens up with a set on electric 12-string guitar through serious amounts of analogue delay and multiple amplifiers.

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