Twine (Aus), Keeskea (Aus), Bleeding Star

Twine (Aus), Keeskea (Aus), Bleeding Star

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Twine (Adelaide, SA)
Keeskea (Adelaide, SA)
Bleeding Star

Adelaide bands Twine and Keeskea are crossing the Tasman for the first time. Join them at Moon on the 22nd for this special show alongside Wellington's own Bleeding Star.

Thursday 22nd Feb

Twine is a noise rock/post punk band on Kaurna Land (Adelaide, SA) influenced by the experimentation of 90s bands such as Unwound, Slint and The Dirty Three. Combining shimmering violins with outbursts of guitar feedback from an amp being pushed to its limits. Among other highlights they recently played Big Sound and toured Aus tour mclusky.

Keeskea (case-kay-ah) is the “lofty and delicate, yet fiercely present and potent” (Laundry Echo) project of Adelaide artist V Marousopoulos. With a unique gift for making sense of what’s tangled, Marousopoulos unwinds sensitive emotions to their threadbare state with their their handcrafted 'Biscuit' guitar and whisper-close vocals, couching them in gentle electronic production, but leaving more than enough space for reflection and reconnection.

Already building a revered reputation for these disarmingly unguarded performances,
Keeskea has shared stages with Stella Donnelly, Julia Holter, Jen Cloher, Maple Glider and

Bleeding Star is powerfully crafted indie noise rock curated by an exciting and utterly convincing talent from Wellington. Inspired by the long marriage of melody and noise they deliver a set of carefully considered cuts that are disarmingly raw and intuitively crafted.