Beach Balls, Bleach, Style On Trial And Fka Lovers

Beach Balls, Bleach, Style On Trial And Fka Lovers

Tour Information
In Welly Saturday 17 Feb?
Come party at MOON! $10 bucks + 4 bands = good maths.

Beach Balls are the bad-ass surf party you never knew you needed. Bitchin’ riffs to blow you socks off, boogie to the beach on and cool your heels to. BYO beach ball.

Style on Trial are fresh off the rack, formed in July 2023. Their sound is classic rock/pop with definite influences by the likes of The Velvet Underground, The Beatles and The Smiths. William guitars the guitar, Ale ‘beats up’ the drums, Ann-Marie works the bass with a tough pinky and Eugene also guitars and sings lead vocals. Listeners will be treated to infectious, catchy and easily danceable tunes with sinister undertones.

Bleach is an emerging alternative rock trio from Wellington. Pulling influences from acts including Jeff Buckley, their tunes are heartfelt, melancholic, yet anthemic and full of conviction.

Electro experimentalists FKA Lovers are the next iteration of well-loved Wellington electro clash outfit, Lovers in Monaco. FKA Lovers crawl from the basements of Berhampore to bring their fusion of psych and krautrock to the stage. Utilising MPC clocked arpeggiators on antique synths and a bass guitar they explore a sonic electronic pulse that at times veers close to falling on its arse in a delay drenched implosion. Get ready to dance!

Doors 8pm, entry $10!

Limited earlybird tickets via UnderTheRadar