Hyperculte (Switzerland) w/ No Exit + Worldwide Panopticon

Hyperculte (Switzerland) w/ No Exit + Worldwide Panopticon

Tour Information
Pyramid Club presents Hyperculte.

After abandoning their tour in March 2020 as Covid hit, Hyperculte are back to finish what they started.

Hyperculte's music hints at the kind of ancient, pine-scented black magic of central European folklore captured in the costumes on the cover of their 2016 self-titled debut album. Driving forces of the Geneva experimental rock scene, Simone Aubert (drums/guitar/vocals) and Vincent Bertholet (double bass/vocals) hail from the either side of the mountainous, myth-drenched Swiss-French border region. They met when living in the same squat in Geneva and started playing together in 2014. Simone came from the dark and experimental band Massicot, Vincent from the Dadaist big band Orchestra Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp.

In Hyperculte both open their mouths in repetitive and inspired litanies containing fragments of literary texts and political slogans. There’s a playfulness alongside their shouty passion, sharp syncopation, discordant repetition and enormous, throbbing motorik rhythms. The whole mixes up in a fireball trance, both meditative and of extraordinary energy.

Hyperculte have a solid, unstoppable, repetitive groove but with a proper uninhibited punk rock edge. While their music is often very sparse and minimal, it is also complex and expressive, dense and discordant and edgy... Hyperculte may be the band I have been waiting for all my life. Expletive Undeleted Hyperculte touches with the end of the fists the urgency and the audacity of Liquid Liquid, the inventiveness of Arthur Russell, the uninhibited ardor of Neu! and Can, the barred pop of Areski and that intangible and incantatory something from the depths of the soil of existence! - Bongo Joe

Modal psych-improv duo No Exit are David Imlay and Rory Dalley. David plays with Into the Void, The Prodigys, Fence, and Shadow of The Valley. Rory's a drummer with the Ben Woods band, and has a background playing improvised music and making sonic art under the live performance moniker of IRD. Their music may involve cassette manipulations, deconstructed turntable mechanisations, unusual percussive combinations or other sound sources natural or repurposed, such as unused blank cassette tape, or the dry contact of everyday objects.

Worldwide Panopticon is the project of Ōtautahi-based musician, Jonty O'Connor. Worldwide Panopticon aims to showcase music that communicates his futurist visions - with a heavy focus on genre bending electronic music. O'Connor has also released music as 'The Midimaster'. Composing various forms of electronic music has been his long term focus in addition to being an active session musician.