Christoph El Truento And Lucky Lance

Christoph El Truento And Lucky Lance

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Combining one of Aotearoa’s most loved DJs and producers with one of Aotearoa’s most loved MCs, Truento and Lucky Lance bring together a celebration in the name of peace, love unity and having fun. Blending countless genres seamlessly combined with Lucky Lances spirited communication with the audience, and Tommee Ts real time visual response as a sprinkling on top, creates a party atmosphere not to be missed.

Christoph El Truento is known for his production behind Avantdale Bowling Club, Homebrew, @Peace and his own internationally renowned albums “Peacemaker Dub, LWMP18 and Circle of Friends”. He is also known as one of Aotearoa’s most skilled DJ’s crossing between a diverse range of styles.

Lucky Lance is one third of the much-loved Team Dynamite, his lyrics conveying a unique and positive approach to HipHop, and a skilled DJ in his own right. Lucky is also the brains behind the clothing brand “Sky Pirates”.

Tommy T has been providing live visuals for many classic parties around the country, including the now legendary “Turnaround” events that helped pave the way for the Auckland nightlife scene. With an ability to respond to DJs playing music with contrasting visuals to match, his contribution to a good party is essential.

Christoph & Lance have recently collaborated to sell out shows in Raglan and were a favourite feature at the 2023 Morningside Block Party, the two of them come together to bring that energy, one night only at the Leigh Sawmill, April 6th.

Leigh Sawmill Cafe open for food & beverages from 3pm

Wheelchair accessible