Experimental Mass 2: Nothing Sounds, Hum Sufferer, Jamie Awakshidar

Experimental Mass 2: Nothing Sounds, Hum Sufferer, Jamie Awakshidar

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Drone, ambient and noise by queer creators - Volume 2

Nothing Sounds

Nothing Sounds is the primary project of multidisciplinary artist Zero. Bringing together sampling, synthesis, field recordings, and various noise generation techniques, her work has been an ongoing investigation into the experiential qualities of trauma, attempting to convey her lived experiences through sound. The results are long-form compositions that fluctuate between the blissful and organic to despondent, crushing harsh noise, framed through the symbology of Catholicism.

Hum Sufferer

Strange and unsettling. Low-frequency terror. An ill-defined meditation on despair by two members of Spook the Horses, channelling the incandescent rage of the universe via gain and reverb. Like slowly sinking into a vast black ocean of sound. Come and be terrified.

Jamie Awakshidar

Simmering in the worlds of shoegaze, drone, and vaporwave, Jamie Awakshidar is the otherworldly collaboration between pianist Spike Fenaughty and synthesist Aoife Glynd┼Ár. Through layers of ethereal distortion, crushing reverb, and eerie vocals, they promise to bring together the audience to truly experience their interpretation of an Experimental Mass.