Jay Clarkson And The Containers - House Concert - Cancelled

Jay Clarkson And The Containers - House Concert - Cancelled

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Jay Clarkson sits uncomfortably in the South Island indie continuum. She didn’t play the folk pop card, thump the garage rock drum or end up shaping sound or free noise. Her path was a determined and singular one.

A prolific songwriter who time and time again found the players to bring her music out in bands They Were Expendable, The Expendables, Breathing Cage, The Matches, The Containers and solo, Clarkson’s songs are still revealing their worth over 30 years on.

(Text graciously borrowed from AudioCulture.co.nz)

Jay Clarkson’s experience in NZ’s alternative music scene covers 3+ decades. As a member of The Playthings she did countless gigs at the famed Gladstone Hotel in the early 80s then having linked up with Flying Nun went on to perform and record her distinctive songs around NZ in bands The Expendables, Breathing Cage, various duos and solo. Other than the aforesaid Flying Nun these labels have also released her albums: Archhill' Arclife; Zelle; Rose Hobart and now Leather Jacket Records.

The Containers formed 5 years ago. Leather Jacket Records, who released a 5 track 12” Playthings EP last year with great success is now releasing the 45 of songs: Children of The Rule & Waikouaiti is a taster from the recorded album.

Following drummer Mike Dooley (Toy Love, The Dry Horrors, The Snares) leaving the band last year Nazir Nah Noronoha is now drumming: Says Naz:-

'I've been a fan of Jay Clarksons' music and songwriting since I first encountered it in the early
Jay is the real deal, an artist with a vision for her music.
It is always great to work with someone like her who has a firm sense of what they are going after in terms of mood and feel in a song.'

'Having grown up in Dunedin, I've likewise admired the musical output of band mates Alan Haig (Chills, Verlaines, Snapper)) and Tenzin Mullin (Suka, Lars von Trio, Ommu)) for many decades and it’s a real pleasure to play with and learn from a group with so much experience and a shared musical geography.’

You are invited to join us for a very special and intimate House Concert in Christchurch.

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