REPAIRS Album Release w/ Empress and Halcyon Birds

REPAIRS Album Release w/ Empress and Halcyon Birds

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Come and celebrate the release of the second album from Tāmaki Makaurau noiseniks REPAIRS!

Powerful, personal and political, REPAIRS are experts at playing with tension and release. Sophomore album Disappointing Sequel sees the band refine and expand their sound from their debut “Repeat, Repeat”, while remaining true to their DIY roots.

REPAIRS’ sophomore album, will be released on Wednesday 17 April 2024. Continuing on the themes of the 2020s, “Disappointing Sequel” includes songs about never-ending anxiety, crushing disappointment, the importance of connection – and why being angry matters. Nationalism is still stupid.

REPAIRS blend their noise rock foundation with sharp lyricism, showcasing their prowess in their craft. The driving force behind the band's sound is both loud and immediate, underscoring the punk rock essence which permeates their songwriting. Destroy//Exist

Joining us are our lovely friends Empress (two-piece riff magicians) and Halcyon Birds (beautiful humans making beautiful noises).