Kwasi, Moider Mother, The Tiny Dangers

Kwasi, Moider Mother, The Tiny Dangers

Tour Information
From 8pm on the 19April at Space Academy, KWASI headline their first major show. You might know them from singles such as “Glide” and “Pulling Strings”. Join them and their friends Moider Mother and The Tiny Dangers. $10 from UTR or on the door.

KWASI comprise RMF Thomas (Mad Frank) and James Robinson (notv). Their fusion yields fun, unpredictable tracks. Each tune feels like a cosmic adventure, blending infectious beats with dreamy melodies. KWASI defies genre, pushing boundaries with innovative sounds. Their music celebrates creativity and imagination, inviting listeners into a parallel universe of possibility. In a predictable musical landscape, KWASI shines as a beacon of innovation. With their cosmic sound and boundless imagination, they leave an indelible mark on listeners.

Cults, cannibals & killers; these are a few of our favourite things. They comprise the putrescent heart of wholesome family band Moider Mother. Hannah Harte: howl, Nick Harte: decalescent hermeneutics, Noah McKay: membrane.

From the ashes and brambles of The Teasers, The Ruling Elite and Nouveau Riche, rise Christchuch’s newest Suburban Army, The Tiny Dangers. A melodic collection of songs, rendered in perfect three-piece pop harmony. Nicki Tipa sings and bangs the drums. Dave Branton sings and fumbles the bass. Shannon Boyd sings and makes a single guitar sound like three of them. Together, they’re going to play gigs until local by-laws prevent them.

Space Academy