Dos-Ovni, Jeff Boyle (Jakob), Bachelor Of Architecture, Hum Sufferer

Dos-Ovni, Jeff Boyle (Jakob), Bachelor Of Architecture, Hum Sufferer

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Dos-Ovni are an atmospheric dark indie duo from Te Mātau ā Maui Hawke's Bay, consisting of Deanne Beckett (Without Borders, The Reds, LD3) and Liv Strawbridge (Lizard Prom, The Diamond Dead, Roadeater).

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Jeff Boyle is a Hawke’s Bay based musician/composer best known for his career with Post Rock pioneers Jakob. Having founded Jakob in 1998 with bassist Maurice Beckett & drummer Jason Johnston, Jeff has spent over 2 decades touring the globe extensively on the back of their 4 critically acclaimed albums, the last of which winning the coveted Taite Music Prize for 2014s “Sines”. Jakob has shared the stage with a plethora of international acts such as influences “Tool” & “Alice In Chains” and headlined major festivals such as “Roadburn” & “Dunk!”

Jeff now brings his unique form of ambient, textural soundscapes into a solo format, exploring new boundaries but coupled with his existing style and genre.

Blending found sound, sampling home appliances and inserting harmonically complex guitar textures, Bachelor of Architecture (Spook the Horses, ex-Black Boned Angel, ex-Letterbox Lambs) delivers life-changing live sets despite a big, heavy dinner.

Hum Sufferer are an improvised Dark Ambient/Drone duo featuring members of Spook the Horses. Hum Sufferer act in continuous dialogue with no fixed instrumentation or melody. Each performance is a one-off mesmercosm heralding the coming Kollapse, inviting the audience inside the Black Lattice- Forevermoresancionados.

‘Death Throes’ is available from SwampKult Records:

Desbot formed in 2009 as a solo project, Maurice Beckett from NZ post rock band Jakob explores Bass Frequencies in a drone format. Long drawn out notes played with a heavy helping of distortion guide the listener through a dark bass driven landscape.